Mystical Lore

Ancient Wisdom Retold and Lived

Have you ever wondered what the mystical meaning of a butterfly might be or why a Kachina doll is used in spiritual rituals by Native Americans?  Do you know what Shamanic Drumming is and how it can help you step into another spiritual realm for knowledge to bring about spiritual healing?
How about the mystical power of candles, bells, colors or frankincense and myrrh to cleanse your home, spirit or body temple?
For thousands of years, this Mystical Lore has been available to us but was often hidden by those in positions of power so that we could not readily understand.  Now in this new age, it is being brought forth for the healing of our body temples and our world.


Mystical Lore will offer you Mystical Tales for a Magical Life. We will bring you knowledge about the Mystical Lore of Precious Stones, Ancient Africa Legends, Myths, Ancient Superstitions revealed and Ancient Mystic Women Tales and Legends. We will also offer you Spiritual Life Coaching for transformation. 
This knowledge can be used for good or evil.  Those who choose to use it in an uplifting way will find themselves living a more happy, healthy and prosperous life.  However, we want to give this warning out, also, to those who choose to use it wrongly – you shall find it closing in upon you with disastrous results.
The Law of the Circle cannot be changed nor altered and you shall reap what you sow.
This website shall be devoted to sharing Mystical Lore from all over the world from the major religions as well as pagan spirituality in the hopes that it will be a great light of wisdom to guide all who read it to a greater understanding of themselves and their spiritual connection with all life.


We shall also offer you spiritual tools from these ancient teachings to help you in modern society today.Practical tools that can be put to work! Our Certified Spiritual Life Coach is available to help you with your transformation!  We  invite you to tune in to our weekly podcast, Mystical Lore, available on most major podcast platforms. 

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