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                   At four years old, a mystical experience occurred in my young life. I was seated on the ground in my backyard. I had been crying because my brother had just gone to school and I was not old enough to go with him.


There I sat, crying and making mud pies with a pop bottle cap, when, suddenly, the greatest feeling of love and peace swept over me. I stopped crying and looked up. There in front of me was a vision of myself all grown up and standing under a massive tree with green leaves. 









I was all dressed in white and appeared to be speaking as I moved my hands.  Before me seated on the ground were people of all different colors.  All of them had their legs crossed and they were  smiling as light shone about their heads.  Then the vision vanished. 


This vision has followed me all of my life and I have followed it.  Three times it appeared to me as an adult and once, to a man I hardly knew who came to tell me that he had a dream about me. It was the vision. 


This vision changed me forever and through these many years, I have sought to attain a deeper understanding of the Divine and that which is beyond our human understanding. I have practiced traditional and new thought Christianity, Metaphysics, Shamanism and have been an Independent Student of the 'I AM' and the Great Ascended Masters since l985.








I have studied and practiced Mystical Lore most of my life and had many experiences through the years.  Angels have awakened me with a touch on my forehead, a tree healed my body temple, angels have physically appeared before me to protect me from physical harm, Beloved Jesus the Christ, appeared in the window of a car I was riding in and saved us from a head-on collision and mystical dreams have protected me from disease and falsehood. I have written about these experiences through the years.


Some say these experiences were only illusionary and the teachings are nothing more than superstition. 

However,  in my own life, many of the teachings, tools and techniques have been proven to be true through my own mystical experiences and exacting results. 


No one can say what is right for another. You have been entrusted with your own life stream. It is unlike any other.  You must prove it for yourself. Only then, will you know the true from the false!


Do so with a careful eye and a loving heart. Surround yourself with the light. Listen to your own Divine Presence and Intuition and you will be guided aright. You will be kept from the path of unrighteousness and evil.





I will share these teachings through our weekly podcast and will also recommend tools and techniques that will be of benefit to you mentally, physically and spiritually. 


This is also what my Spiritual Life Coaching is all about.  Helping you to dig down deeper into your own soul and spirit to find the real you so that you might be released from the fears of falsehood to achieve your true purpose in this life. My Spiritual Life Coaching is designed to help you bring about your own transformation.





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May Peace Be With You


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