My Mystical Staff!

About a year ago, a beautiful, hand-carved wooden staff came into my hands. An unusual-looking blond wood with brown markings. it caught my eye as soon as I entered the little shop where I found it, and it spoke to me of Divine protection.

Instantly attracted, I picked it up and felt its spiritual vibrations. My heart leapt with joy as tears welled up in my eyes and a big smile spread across my face.

Excited and happy to make such a find, I danced around and almost shouted-out with glee. I could hardly contain myself.

I knew, without a doubt, I had found an old friend. It touched my heart and spoke to my soul.

“I am your guardian who has come to walk with you. I will aide you with the strength and power of Divine protection. Carry me with you for we are old friends. We belong together.”

Not an ordinary walking stick, I had been called to the store to retrieve it. This staff was there, waiting for me. We were a perfect fit!

I took it home, cleaned, oiled and consecrated it. Smelling of fresh Pine, I put it in a corner of my living room where I could look at it every day.

What added peace it brought to my home. I felt as though a new friend had come to live there.

One evening, it whispered its name. I was surprised. The staff is considered symbolic of male energy, however, what I thought was a “he” was really a “she.” She said her name was Annabelle!

“What a beautiful, but old-fashioned and rather odd name,” I thought to myself. I had never met anyone in my life by that name.

I was curious about its meaning and looked it up. How amazing to find out that, in Hebrew, it means, “He (God) has favored me”

For almost two weeks, I just admired Annabelle’s beauty, the powerful spiritual feelings I had about her and the esoteric symbolism. Finally, I decided it was time to take her out walking.

What an afternoon that was.

As we glided along so lightly, it felt as though my feet had left the ground. In my mind’s eye, I could see a circle of bright, white light enfolding us and I could feel the powerful force of Divine Protection all around. I could hear the soothing sound of Annabelle’s tap, tap, tapping on the ground as we moved forward, safe and secure.

Annabelle was truly a gift from on high and I knew it. A token of God’s grace, she is a protector with more than human strength. I feel as though I have entered another world when I am with her. A spiritual realm in which I am Divinely protected like a Prophetess of Old. What a blessing!

I hope to share a more in-depth understanding of the mystical meaning of this spiritual staff with you in my next posts. The wisdom I have uncovered is quite remarkable and ancient. I hope you will join me.

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